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David Blume


Alcohol Can Be a Gas  $46.95
David Blume   596 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-0-97904-377-2

Hey... do you remember that famous guy back in the 1970's, 80's that did all of that great stuff for Mother Earth News on alcohol fuel? That's David Blume!, and this is his new book. This is the best book written on alcohol. It is so detailed there is even a chapter dedicated to running a diesel engine on alcohol. This is the book from the master of the subject himself. David has devoted most of his life to the perfection of ethanol as a fuel source for all of us.



Alcohol Can Be a Gas 2.5 Hour DVD  $24.95
David Blume      

See David Blume give a riveting 2 Hour and 40 minute presentation about alcohol fuel from 2004 in Marin County California. The nation’s first driver owned coop was organized as a result! This professionally filmed talk starts with the amazing history of alcohol as the first auto fuel, and covers a wide range of topics exploding the myths told about alcohol, a primer on how to produce it, car conversion methods, tax credits available, and much more.



P. Litherland Teed


The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen  $19.95
P. Litherland Teed   164 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-038-5

This is the most detialed book on the chemical production of MILLIONS of cubic feet of Hydrogen. This book is on real hydrogen production in volume. Almost every chemical method is shown in this book. It was written for the making of hydrogen for blimps, observation balloons etc...and they take a LOT of hydrogen. Methods include metals and water to electrolysis to complete chemical cycles you've not heard of before. Instant hydrogen from units the French and British used in WWI and more. This is one of the best books ever written on Hydrogen, it proves that some of the best hydrogen experts ever were contemporaries of your grandfathers and great grandfathers. This is the first printing of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen since 1919!



Dan and Beth Halacy


Fabulous Fireball AND Experiments with Solar Energy  $19.95
D. S. Halacy Jr.   320 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-029-3

It’s no secret that the sun provides the energy that keeps us alive. These books provide a great background on the scien¬tific aspects of solar energy and invite you to have fun putting solar energy to work for you. They tell the story of solar energy, explain why it is so fascinating and challenging and will tell you how to build solar powered ovens, water heaters and furnaces. With this book you can even build solar batteries that will power a radio or a model airplane that flies on sunshine!



Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow  $19.95
D.S. Halacy Jr.   164 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-018-7

This is one of the few books in existence that explicitly gives you step-by-step instructions for making a fuel cell. You can make an alkaline fuel cell (AFC) in your kitchen with this book. With photos, drawings, illustrations and descriptions, this book provides the in-depth details of the history, theory, operation and future of fuel cells. If you want to know more about fuel cells, this book is a must have.



The Solar Cookery Book  $12.95
Beth Halacy   124 pages   5.5x8.5 inches   978-1-60322-024-8

Describes in detail how you can make your own solar oven and reflector hot plate, and how to cook with them. It is for people who are interested in conservation and a wise use of our resources, plus a desire to protect the environment. It is for students who are searching for a new project for a science fair. Solar Cookery was the first book ever available on how to harness the sun's energy in preparing food. Once you discover how easy and enjoyable solar cooking can be, the sun's energy will no doubt become your favorite way to cook.



Tom B.Reed and Associates


Encyclopedia of Biomass Thermal Conversion-Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 10  $39.95
Thomas B. Reed   598 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-055-2

The most recent volume in the Hydrogen Generator Gas series is so large it had to be packed together as two separate books. This encyclopedia contains descriptions and clarification for all of the rest of the books in the HGG series. An absolute must have if you have any of the other books in the series.



Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines: Volumes 3 and 4  $29.95
Compiled by   250 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-028-6

Yes you can run a generator on wood. Contains Hands ON DIY STEP By STEP Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for an engine in a Petroleum Emergency. Includes detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a Biomass Gasifier plus it contains The Handbook of Biomass Gasifier Engine Systems, which gives you all the theory and background on design, testing, operation and manufacture of small-scale gasifiers. We have combined two unique works and republished them as the second book in our Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines series to help fill the continuing needs for information in this needed DIY home power field.



Hydrogen Generator Gas Vol 9 Generator Gas-The Swedish Experience 1939-1945  $34.95
SERI & Thomas B. Reed   343 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-050-7

Summarizes the scientific, technical and commercial information that developed during World War II. While the world’s fossil liquid fuel supplies were being used to make war around the globe Sweden, cut off from fossil fuels, converted 40% of its entire motor vehicle fleet to burning wood. The gas generator for motor vehicles was developed at an astonishing speed during the war years. This work will enable anyone that is engaged in gasifier projects to build upon knowledge which the Swedes procured long ago.



Biomass to Methanol  $39.95
Thomas B. Reed   360 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-049-1

Biomass to Methanol is the record of a workshop conducted by the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI). This book assembles papers written by experts on all phases of methanol manufacture from various feed stocks so that those working with biomass can take as much advantage of known technology as possible. This book shows that conversion of biomass into methanol has the potential to be an incredibly important source of fuel.



Roy McAliser


The Philosopher Mechanic  $29.95
Roy McAlister   269 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-044-6

Finally! The yellow book and the blue book from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry DVD. Yes we have Roy McAlister's original manuscript on doing engine conversion. Part of this book eventually evolved into The Solar Hydrogen Civilization. The Philosopher Mechanic is the manuscript that started it all. It also has the class room fuel cell addendum included within it as well.



Solar Hydrogen Civilization  $29.95
Roy McAlister   246 pages   6x9 inches   0-9728375-0-7

A great book by a great man! A Hydrogen World expert and pioneer, Roy McAlister will be known in the history of energy more prominently than Edison. He is an expert who writes, not a writer who thinks he's an expert. The book covers the past, current and future usages of hydrogen. From how it was used in the Civil War to how we will all live in a Solar Hydrogen Civilization and what it will look like. How will we make the hydrogen, how will we store and transport the hydrogen across the world. The book covers many methods of making hydrogen and the companion DVD explains those in even more detail.



The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen DVD  $19.95
P. Litherland Teed; Roy McAlister; Steven Harris      

Steven Harris and Roy McAlister made this DVD to walk you through the Ooutstanding Hydrogen book, The Chemistry and Manuacture of Hydrogen. On this DVD they ask and answer every question you would have while reading the book. Steve and Roy cover every major detail of the book step by step and explain it to you in much more details than the excellent book has already done. This DVD is over 3 hours long and compliments this treasure of a book.



Steven Harris


Sunshine To Dollars  $14.95
Steven E. Harris   76 pages   8.5x11 inches   978-1-60322-000-2

The FREE SOLAR PANELS BOOK. I got over 85 Solar PV Panels for Free and I wrote this book to show you how to do the same thing. The book covers Free solar panels Plus solar heating and cooking at your house. Plus explicit details on getting Free Solar Glass and Free 3000F Solar Concentrators for a solar furance. One of the most unique books ever written on Solar Energy. This book will have you building solar heaters and solar ovens in one afternoon. This is the most hands-on book ever written in the field. Get it today. Also includes, at no extra charge, Surviving the Blackout of 2003.