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Shipping Policy

While most of the items on our 1234 pages (read below) are digital products that you watch or download instantly online.  If you are purchasing a book or a DVD from www.KnowledgePublications.com or www.USH2.com or RocketStoves1234.com then these are PHYSICAL PRODUCTS that will be shipped to you.   It is our policy to always have everything in inventory and to ship everything out on the same day, 1 day later, at worst 2 days later (weekends, holidays etc...).   IMMEDIATELY when your item is shipped to you by either UPS Ground or by the US Post Office, Stamps.com or UPS.com WILL send you an email confirming that the item has been shipped and what the tracking number is.  You will be able to follow your package.  EVERYTHING we ship has tracking on it.  EVERYTHING. 

There HAS been the rare occasions where we have a sale and we run out of books.  The good thing is, we are the publisher, so we reprint the books ourselves.  IF there is to be a delay in your order we will email you and let you know about it.  You are welcome to cancel your order at anytime until the time we ship it.  Then you are welcome to return the item for a 100% refund at any time with no time limit.  That is how much we KNOW you will love our products. 

You have reached one of our famous '1234' pages.  We use the 1234 pages to put all items of that subject onto one page so it is easy to navigate and for you to find what you are interested in.  Currently we have Solar1234.com, Battery1234.com, FirstAid1234.com, Radios1234.com, BeforeTheStormHits.com, BugOUT1234.com, CellPhone1234.com, Energy1234.com, Prep1234.com, RocketStove1234.com, ScoutStove.com, and the main website that leads to all of the 1234 websites is Steven1234.com.   Our Parent Corporation and website is http://www.KnowledgePublications.com