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Hey... do your remember that famous guy back in the 1970's, 80's
that did all of that GREAT stuff for Mother Earth News 

That's David Blume!
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See David Blume give a riveting 2 Hour 40 Minute presentation about alcohol fuel in 2004 in Marin County California. The nation’s first driver owned coop was organized as a result! This professionally filmed talk starts with the amazing history of alcohol as the first auto fuel, and covers a wide range of topics exploding the myths told about alcohol, a primer on how to produce it, car conversion methods, tax credits available, and far far more. The DVD is indexed so you find what you are looking for easily. Also included is a 6 minute segment showing all the steps in making fuel. This DVD is all you have to hand to that naysaying know it all at your next party to blow their mind.

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Wonderfully Illustrated
Detailed Photographs
Step by Step
Easy To Follow
Easy to Understand

Funny Cartoons through the WHOLE BOOK
want to read the cartoon? Click ON the image.

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It not only covers making alcohol from corn,
but from other crops,
from cellulous by acid hydrolysis, from cellulous by enzymes
and more.

It covers the production of Methane from 
the digestion of waste, so this book is
more than just alcohol.

David and I were just talking on the phone about how the book
relates to and educates on even making Alcohol from
newspaper and other print.   He's guessing about
50 to 80 gallons of Fuel Alcohol from 1 ton of waste paper.

humm...less than 1 pickup truck bed of paper makes
two  to three  25 gallon tank fillups of Alcohol.

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Dave just does not say put the tube in the hole in the thingy 

He shows putting the exact item in to the exact place with the
how's and whys.

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Again.. throughout the book are explicit and detailed 
photographs showing the production of alcohol, the
refinement of alcohol, the conversion of a vehicle to
run on alcohol and other usages of it.

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Even the details on starting the vehicle in cold
weather, the feeding of a starting  material
with the alcohol and more.
People in Florida IGNORE THIS
People in Minnesota... pay attention.

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Did I mention that he's got cartoon through the whole
book to help re-enforce the message philosophy that he
is trying to communicate to you?

Dave's been doing alcohol for OVER 30 Years
It took him FOUR YEARS, of constant work, 
to WRITE THIS BOOK and make the DVD
and you get all this wisdom.

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this is the man who wrote the book

Here is a photo of the Author back in the early 1980.
Click on the photo to see the details and read the page.

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The Distillation of the Alcohol 

This book has the BEST, the most detailed drawings, photos and explanations of making a distiller for alcohol.  I PERSONALLY OWN ( me Steve Harris) several thousand dollars in alcohol related books.   From 1900 to 2000+ and I must say that David's book is the best.  He made clear tube example of a bubbler column just so you could see how easy it was.  Not JUST a drawing, not just a detailed explanation, but a photo of one that is clear so you can see the inside.

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Alcohol is all around you. Its not just from Corn.

Sugar Beats
Sugar Cane
Jerusalem artichokes
Cat Tails
Mesquite Trees and more and more

If its a plant and you can make alcohol from it,
David talks about it.

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Alcohol Creation Process

Here is a diagram of the complete distillation process
a very nice black and white line graphic. 
It tells you everything you need to know and
nothing that you don't.   When a line drawing
is better, David uses it, when a photograph
is better, David uses it.

This is an extremely high quality work of
knowledge.  The subjects are in-depth and if you
find yourself with more questions on a subject,
you'll end up finding the answer in this book rather
than having to go to another book.

AGAIN.. read this carefully.
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David told me that if he was alive in the early 1900's that this is the book HE WOULD OF WRITTEN. Rufus Herrick wrote a CLASSIC on alcohol in 1907.  If they could do it then... you certainly can do it today.  No computer controls, nothing like that. The best way to do it the easiest.  I sent David a bunch of copies of this book just so he does not have to loan out his original 1907 copy, he can loan out one of ours.  I would save this book is on the David Blume APPROVED LIST.
Every Single Way of Making Alcohol on an Industrial Scale—or small scale.  516 Pages of knowledge that covers fermentation, the organisms, source material, mashes, crops to use, yield, formulas, distillation, byproducts, heat measurement, usage in engines and much more.  The book covers the usage of alcohol for cooking, heating and illumination, just to name a few.  It even has details on converting sawdust and other organic material to a form that can be digested by alcohol yeasts to make ETHYL Alcohol.  Yes!—Ethanol from sawdust, dead trees, newspaper, cellulose etc…  Making alcohol will be an important part of a hydrogen generation system that Roy McAlister and I will be detailing in a future DVD.  You will be able to make H2 from alcohol that is made to hydrogen boost turbines or methane.  With this book, we made alcohol, distilled it and burned it in 7 days!  NO, it is not illegal.  It is illegal in most places to distill alcohol for human consumption.  You do NOT drink DE-natured alcohol. If you are going to seriously distill alcohol, it is easy to get a still permit from the ATF.
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An expansion in the use of Gasahol in this country over the coming years could directly reduce U.S. reliance on oil imports in the future. We have republished this outstanding book to help fill the information void that exists with regards to fermentation ethanol. Fuel from Farms tackles the subject of fermentation ethanol in a balanced and reasoned way, with an emphasis on small scale production using farm crops as the source of raw materials. It is an essential book not only for those of you in the farming community who may be considering incorporating the production of ethanol into your normal agricultural operations, but also for owners of small businesses, investors, experimenters, and entrepreneurs.  
Fuel from Farms is not just about on-farm fermentation ethanol production. It also provides an overview of some of the technical and economic factors. In addition, it includes tools such as decision and planning worksheets and a sample business plan for use in exploring whether or not ethanol production is right for you. However, the book contains plenty of important specifics about production, including information on the raw materials, system components, and operational requirements. This book will provide you with an array of facts so that you can make INFORMED judgments.
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