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Behemoth—The Story of Power
by Eric Hodgins & F. Alexander Maguon
ISBN:420 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

This book is critical to the success of your energy business. This book is THE book on the history of energy and power. It includes who did it and why; what problems they faced and how they were solved. This is a story of the evolution and growth of energy that hardly anyone really understands. Every alternative energy project, every one of them has failed; died in flames, because those doing it did not understand the true evolution of energy which is so finely illustrated in this book.


Solar Heat: Its Practical Applications
by Charles H. Pope
ISBN:170 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

So you think solar energy is a new thing? This book was written in 1903 and is the earliest solar book we have found to date. It shows the Sun Press in Paris, France running on a steam driven press being powered by concentrated sunlight plus other solar examples. Everything in this book that worked in 1903 will work today, only easier. This book is a perfect example of how we could of been on solar before World War I. Due to the educational value of this book, we sell it at a significantly discounted price.


Mechanical Movements: Powers and Devices
by Gardner D. Hiscox M.E.
ISBN:416 pages   5.5x8.5 inches [size]

A great work of reference for inventors, experimenters, mechanical students, artisans and anyone with an inquiring mind and the ambition of an engineer. For anyone with a real interest in mechanical thought and work, the book covers gears, pullys in combinations never thought of, it covers clock mechanisms, lifting and rotating mechanisms, impact and pounding machines. Click on MORE INFO for examples. This book will keep you up at night thinking.