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The book is worth EVERY PENNY.

The Best Synopsis of Fuel Cells Written
I have been building a personal library of hydrogen and solar related books for most of my professional life and I have to say that Roy's summery of the different types of fuel cells is the best ever written.  I bet you did not even know there were different types of fuel cells?  Today, what you hear about mostly are Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells, the fuel cells on the Apollo space mission were Alkaline Fuel Cells, the large fuel cells used for some buildings right now are Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells.  I bet you've never heard of a Molten Carbonate fuel cell or a solid oxide fuel cell.  I have a secret for you as well.  There is something out there right now, that is MORE efficient than these fuel cells and is 100 times cheaper.  What is MORE efficient and cleaner than a fuel cell?  That's a secret for us experts to know, but its in Roy's book if you can find it in there.
I'll give you a hint, its the reason you WILL NOT have a fuel cell vehicle or a fuel cell in your house, but something better.