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3.5 Hour Hydrogen Car and MultiFuel DVD
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Download or Stream 17 Minutes of FREE Video from the DVD
Ride in the Hydrogen and MultiFuel 1991 Geo Metro with Roy McAlister 

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H2 Geo Test Drive Windows Media High Res
H2 Geo Test Drive Windows Media Low Res

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H2 Geo Test Drive
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NOTE: All of this video is MUCH lower in quality than the DVD video.  The DVD video is VERY high resolution and would take up too much space and time for downloading or streaming.

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and What is COMING SOON!

Coming Soon: Solar Hydrogen Home
Steven Harris Interviews and Tours Walt Pyle's Solar Hydrogen Home
You see EVERYTHING.  The solar panels, the electrolyzers, INSIDE the electrolyzers and how they are made, the hydrogen storage, the hydrogen purification, the oxygen prodution and purification and there might even be a fuel cell shown in the video too.  Walt makes his hydrogen at home from Solar and soon his car will be driving on the H2 he makes as well.   This is an explicit detailed look inside every part and operation of a hydrogen electrolyzer by the man who has been doing it for over 15 years.

Free VIDEO Preview of the New DVD 

WINDOWS MEDIA Video Format (click below for the video)

Solar Hydrogen Home-Solar Electrolysis of H2 Preview

(yes! Those ARE hydrogen bubbles in the photo on the left )


Coming Soon: Solar Hydrogen Civilization

Steven Harris interviews Roy McAlister about his famous book *BUT*.. this is NOT a reading of the book.   This is an IN DEPTH discussion about the details BEHIND everything in the book that WAS NOT in the book.  There are pages in the book that could be an entire book on their own and Roy and Steve DIVE INTO many of the hidden and secret history and details behind the technology discussed in the book.   This is currently in production and it will be many, many fascinating hours long.  Our initial work recording the audio is just blowing us away, we are finding the knowledge being discussed more and more interesting as every new section is completed.  
Solar Hydrogen Civilization Audio Interview will be available in 2006 

Listen to Roy and Steve talk
about when Hydrogen was DISCOVERED
in 1530

Free AUDIO MP3 Preview

MP3 Audio Format (click below to listen)

Solar Hydrogen Civilization *AUDIO* Preview

* 2nd Edition * of the BOOK
Solar Hydrogen Civilization is NOW RELEASED

Get your copy TODAY and start reading so you
are ready when the Audio is released in 2006

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Audio is released in 2006, Get the Book Today

NOTE: Due to the Oil / Gas issues generated by Hurricane Katrina and Rita, Solar Hydrogen Civilization was SOLD OUT for almost 7 weeks.
The NEXT fuel price issue can cause another RUN on the books, If you want the book, GET IT TODAY, because it might not be available tomorrow due to demand.  I'm serious ! *IS* the LARGEST distributor of the book. More than Amazon more than anyone.  If we don't have it, no one does.  We are always the first to get it back in stock and the last to run out of stock.  Get yours TODAY.

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Audio is released in 2006, Get the Book Today.

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