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Nuclear War Survival Skills - 8 Video DVDs

The Best ( some say only ) Civil Defense Education available to the US Public. 
( Over 70 GIGABYTES of Video, Audio, Text and more!)
20.5 Hours of Video, 180+ Hours of Audio, 41+ Years of Monthly Publications.

On the DVDs:

Nuclear War Survival Skills (NWSS) Video Overview ( 40 Min ) 
Expedient Blast and Radiation Shelters ( 1 Hour 42 Min )
Shelter Ventilation and Various other Shelter Skills and Equipment ( 1 Hour 18 Min )
Home-makeable and Commercial Radiation Meters ( 1 Hour 57 Min )
Nuclear War Facts as Told to Teenagers ( 1 Hour 14 Min)
This is Over 5 HOURS of Video on Home Shelter Construction !

Emergency Medicine Presentation - Medicine101 for the Family ( 1 Hour 31 Min )
Steel Shelter Design and Tour ( 35 Min )
Mobile Shelter Display Tour ( 39 Min )
Road to the Wall. ( 30 Min )

Video of Soviet Civil Defense Training Films ( English Translation)
( 10 hours 24 minutes )
This is an entire Civil Defense Course in itself!

180 Hours of Audio From the 
1992 - 2002 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Conference.

These are additional files that are on the DVD
"Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson Kearny (Book)
"Fighting Chance" by Art Robinson Ph.D / Gary North Ph.D ( Book )
8+ Years of "Fighting Chance" by Art Robinson Ph.D. ( a Civil Defense Newsletter )
180 Hours of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Audio (MP3 files) (Details Below)
29.8 Years "Access to Energy" by Petr Beckman Ph.D. / Art Robinson Ph.D. (a Newsletter)
13+ Years of the "Civil Defense Perspectives" by Jane Orient M.D. (a Civil Defense Newsletter)

Important Note of Understanding:
The emphasis of the book and video of Nuclear War Survival Skills (NWSS) is to allow the average person to protect him or herself from radiation and the effects of most disasters ( not just nuclear) with what they have in their house.   The instructions do NOT involve buying survival equipment or fancy gadgets, EVERYTHING in the book are common household items. This is what is termed, " Expedient Civil Defense."  Using what IS available around YOU. 
 The shelters are constructed from doors, trees, limbs, dirt, plastic sheeting, boxes and more.  A VERY ACCURATE radiation meter can even be made from a soup can and aluminum foil and dental floss ( or human hair).   Cresson Kearny spent over a decade doing research and writing this book when he was at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Yes, These shelters are not just something that was drawn up and then published.  Millions of dollars were spent on the development of these shelters.  Some of these designs have been tested in ACTUAL nuclear detonations by the US Government.  Other designs were tested for ability to survive a blast wave by placing the shelters certain distances away from up to one quarter of a million pounds of explosive.  These shelters have been blast tested, radiation tested and much more.   Many of the old shelter designs from FEMA in the cold war days were NEVER even built or tested before the FEMA published their instructions.  ALL of the sheltesr in NWSS and shelter principles have been tested.  The documentation on what each shelter is good for is in the NWSS book.  Obviously, the pantry shelter is NOT a blast hardened shelter, it is a fallout shelter, but most people are NOT in a nuclear detonation blast zone.  The pole shelters ARE blast rated shelters, to certain levels.


Expedient Blast and Radiation Shelters ( 1 Hour 42 Min)
Shelter Ventilation and Various other Shelter Skills and Equipment ( 1 Hour 18 Min )
Home-makeable and Commercial Radiation Meters ( 1 Hour 57 Min )
Cresson Kearny

A " Pantry " fallout Shelter
This shows a basement fallout shelter made from boxes containing dirt, books, food and other items that
can be used to absorb radiation.  Everything in this radiation shelter was made with what was in the house.
People would spent a fair amount of time in the shelter initially and then exit to grab food or to use the
' bathroom' for very short periods of time and then to go back into the shelter until the radiation levels
have fallen.   See photos below of a pre-crisis ' pantry' fallout shelter I built following the education
I learned from this video and book.

This is a car over trench shelter.  A trench is dug similar to the trench for a door over trench or small pole over 
trench shelter and a large vehicle ( even a pickup ) is parked over the trench.  Dirt is then put in the vehicle to form
a protective radiation shield over the occupants in the shelter.  This a very good shelter to know how to construct
for someone who is traveling.

This is an ABOVE ground door shelter.  The sides and top of the shelter are standard lightweight interior doors from a house.  A small
trench is dug, just a foot or so and dirt is stacked against the doors by using bed sheets or plastic sheets to hold the dirt in a unique method that
allows the wall to be built vertically.  This is more than just stacking dirt against the doors and it works very well. A shelter like this
can be quickly constructed someplace such as Florida with a high water table ( can't dig deep, you'll find water.) or in other places such as 
southern Texas where there is hard rock only a foot down.   There are quick, expedient ( home-makeable) shelters in NWSS for EVERY
location in the USA.  No matter what the weather, ground or topography.

This is a pole over trench shelter.  It gives more room than a door over trench shelter ( not photographed here) and is easy to
construct if you are near a wooded area.  A chain saw can make quick work of the right diameter trees and it provides for a very
sturdy roof.  Shown here is the trench and the trees forming the roof, the shelter being covered with a layer of plastic and
dirt being mounted in an arch over the shelter and a view of inside the shelter with the Author ( Cresson Kearny) showing 
one of the children how to use a homemade fan to force ventilate the shelter.

This is a much more detailed shelter.  This is a Russian Small Pole Shelter.  It has a higher blast survivability than
any of the shelters above, it has the most height and width ( and room) of the post crisis shelters.  Notice how it has
poles for walls as well as the roof.  Shown above is the trench and framework of the shelter, the insides of the shelter,
the earth finally covering the shelter and the people who constructed it inside the shelter.  One is laying in a hammock that
was made from a bed sheet.  Yes, the instructions on doing this is in the book NWSS.  

Ventilation is one of the MOST IMPORTANT requirements for a shelter and one of the most overlooked and
forgotten items.  At average temperature and pressure, a MINIMUM of 3 cubic feet of air per minute is needed
PER PERSON.  In hot climates, this is much higher.  People are bodies of energy and produce about as much
heat as a 100 watt light bulb.  Imagine 50 people in a shelter and how HOT and STUFFY this can get.
This is about as much heat as an electric oven in a kitchen makes. Ventilation is NEEDED.
In the video are the explicit details of needed shelter items in the NWSS book.  Here Cresson is
showing how to ventilate a shelter, this could be a basement shelter, government shelter or a home made shelter
with a fan that is made from wood, sticks, cloth or plastic and some liquid nails or staples.  The fan on the right is
a larger one than the one on the left.  Both, and more, are in the NWSS book, and the video clearly demonstrates
how these are used and the air flow that results from their use.

Left to Right:  The Kearny Air Pump, a home made air pump that moves THOUSANDS of cubic feet of air a minute, capable of ventilating
a large shelter with just the pull of a rope every few seconds  Yes, this air pump is HOMEMADE. 
Middle:  A bed sheet being used to move air, obviously, this would be done in a large shelter, such as a cave or a large 
underground shelter but is being illustrated outside.  Right: An air pump that is made from simple plywood and plastic.  
This is a positive pressure pump design and a plastic tube is being filled ( very quickly) for the sake of illustration.  
COMPLETE instructions on the construction of these are in the NWSS book.  It does help to see the pumps in operation
 on the video.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Water is being poured through a bucked that contains some towels, rock, sand and dirt.  Mother nature
filters all of the water that goes underground through sand, rock and dirt, the same principle works VERY WELL for cleaning up dirty water.
Note, this does NOT kill microorganisms and purify the water.  It removes particles and debris from the water.  The NWSS book shows
the different methods to sterilize the water of microorganisms to make it safe to drink. Center Top:  Grain is being ' ground ' by pounding
the grain in a coffee can with 3 pipes that are taped together.  This is the simplest method of grinding grain without a full ' grinder '.  
Right top:  A bucket stove, and a heck of a stove it is.  Cresson and others at Oak Ridge National Laboratories examined what gave
the best stoves in the world the quality that made them excellent.  These same principles: moving the fuel off the bottom of the stove, having 
an adjustable air inlet, close fit between the pot and the walls of the stove and the pot, and other characteristics were integrated into 
a stove that anyone could build with items around the house.   A few twists of news paper are fed in one at a time with home made tongs
and will heat up a pot of water.  This stove is more efficient than many of the best camping stoves on the market.  Bottom Left: how to make
an oil lamp that uses standard cooking oil and some very small string.  The string is held up by some wire from a window screen, it uses VERY
small amounts of oil and provides needed illumination in a shelter.  This is a GREAT project for kids to build for school.  Bottom Center:  A tin can
with home made flap / valve in the bottom to allow water to be brought up from a well that is not running due to lack of electricity. 
Bottom Right, 78 year old Cresson H. Kearny carrying about 80 lbs of water in two pillow cases with plastic liners.  This is a simple, balanced 
and easy method to carry water.  

The famous Kearny Fallout Meter (KFM).  This meter is accurate and self calibrated.  The laws of physics dictate its measurements.
You can make one of these right now with a soup can and other items you have in the house.  It uses aluminum foil, dental floss or human hair,
gypsum from the drywall in the walls and the pattern is in the NWSS book.  It WILL tell you HOW MUCH radiation you are
receiving.   Build one and take it to your dentist and have him shoot it with the dental x-ray and you'll see the measurement change.

View 89 High Resolution Screen Shots from JUST the Shelter Construction Part of the DVD

The Shelter * I * made from reading the book and watching the video
(these 3 photos are NOT on the DVD, this is an example of what I did and you can to! )

 I just wanted everyone to know that making a shelter is EASY.
I took what I learned from the book Nuclear War Survival Skills and the Videos on the subject and made my own ' Pantry ' Radiation Shelter.  It is just like the Pantry Shelter ( the one with the card board boxes ) pictured above and in the video, except mine is a little more permanent and larger.  I used $62 in 2x4's from Home Depot and I made mine 4 ' wide  x 4' deep  x 8' long.  Then I put all of my food storage, buckets of wheat, corn, rice and bags of flour and boxes of water around the shelter for radiation shielding.   In my basement, this will give me a protection factor of 150 to 250.  Which means, that I will receive 150 to 250 times LESS radiation than what is outside the house.  I REALLY want to emphasis, that both the book, an the video ENABLE you.  They SHOW YOU HOW to make a shelter.  You not only SEE each shelter, but you LEARN the CONCEPT of radiation shielding so you can MAKE YOUR OWN shelter.  It does NOT have to be exactly like those in the book, it can be with what is best for YOU and that is the goal of the book.  To illustrate and educate and ENABLE. 

Too see a series of 9 high resolution photos on how I put this shelter together, use this link

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Emergency Medicine Presentation - Medicine101 for the Family ( 1 Hour 31 Min )
Jane Orient M.D.

Jane Orient goes over basic family medical procedures for over an hour and a half. This is presented in a home environment. Why?  
Because that is exactly where you'll have to use this knowledge to help your loved ones in a crisis, in the home.  I could fill this whole ad
with what she talks and educates the viewer on.  She uses items that you have in the home and items that you can easily get ( and
should have!) before a crisis happens.

Steel Shelter Design and Tour ( 35 Min)
Mobile Shelter Display Tour ( 39 Min )
Arthur Robinson Ph.D.

What does a full sized steel shelter look like? What type of shelters SHOULD the US Government be supplying for its population.
These are video documented in these two tours by Art Robinson.  These shelters are capable of being mass produced for
the sheltering of every man, woman and child in the United States.  This will protect people from Nuclear, Biological
and Chemical weapons and more. 

Purchase the NWSS 8 DVD SET $149.95   ( that's $7.50 per hour of video Civil Defense Education)



Soviet Civil Defense 'Film Strips' 10 HOURS 24 Minutes.
( not a misprint, yes, 10+ HOURS!)
Translation Narrated by Arthur Robinson Ph.D.

This is CLASSIC cold war stuff and the quality of the material is just excellent.  The artwork and drawings are a history lesson in itself.
The DVD contains over 10 HOURS of video of the " Soviet Civil Defense " education series.  These were presented in a ' film strip' format.  Your remember filmstrips from elementary school don't you?  Don't turn your nose up at them, a slide show format is one of the BEST and easiest
way of conveying education by a visual and audio mechanism.  If you are addicted and demand a Discovery Channel presentation that ' entertains' , then click EXIT and go away.  If you want to see knowledge that ' CAPTIVATES ' and educates you, then watch the video of this film strip.
Don't worry about the text in Russian, the narrator reads EVERYTHING in English.  This video is METICULOUS in its attention to detail. Not only is the text at the bottom of the screen read, but after that is read, the camera zooms onto any text in the slide and that text
is also read in English.  You WILL NOT have any problems understanding EVERYTHING.  The drawings make everything obvious and 
everything is translated.  You might even learn a bit of Russian.  
T' Pa Russkie?  Ya Pa Russkie.  Spaciba Leninichka moy slotkiya..Ya spochi-a po t'bya. Ede suda.

The description of the effects of a nuclear detonation are some of the best we have seen and certainly the best we have seen for the public in the 
English language.  Some of these film strips were written for 5th graders and this is VERY easy to understand.  Once you understand
what the weapon does and what the effects are and how to avoid the effects, you will be a long way in understanding how to protect
yourself and your civil defense education has begun.   Nuclear weapons are not as ' big and bad' as popular media and Hollywood
make them out to be, most people 5 miles from a modern nuclear detonation will be quite alive, their ears might be ringing, but
they'll be alive. The Soviets EDUCATED their population on civil defense.

The video also covers in detail the effects of radiation on the human body.  For people who are in a trench, on the surface, in a building
( even on the different levels of a sky scraper), in shelters.  So they tell about the weapon, what it emits; radiation, heat, blast etc...
The levels and effects of the fallout after the bomb, how much you get in different places, and then the effects of radiation on the body.
This is VERY complete.  This description cannot even begin to cover all of the topics covered, and the detail of the topics, in the 
10+ hours of video on the DVD.

Like NWSS, the soviet material shows how to construct a post attack shelter for the protection of your shelter.  You'll recognize many
of the same best practices from NWSS.  You'll also see very quick ways of making a shelter with power equipment, back hoes with
concrete pipe and concrete blocks and other methods, you don't have to dig the hole by hand.  This is EXCELLENT reinforcement for
what you will learn in the NWSS book and the shelter construction video on the NWSS DVD set.

The video even talks about places to go as ready shelters.  Pipe chases and mine shafts are great locations, the thing that you 
CANNOT forget about is VENTILATION and fresh air. Luckily Cresson Kearny covers this in the NWSS Book
and Video with world class quality.  Cresson covers ventilation BETTER than the soviets.

Remember the anthrax attack on the USA via the post office?  
Remember how gas masks went from $20 each
to over $200?  Then talking head IDIOTS would come on the news and tell you how you were stupid for wanting
to protect yourself and your family.  Remember how they said that unless you had the training on how to size, fit, test, check and 
wear the gas mask that you'd be hurting yourself...maybe even killing yourself?  Well you can tell those idiots to go take
a flying leap off a tall cliff.  The soviets teach their 5th graders on how to PROPERLY put on a gas mask.  These PRINCIPLES
they teach does NOT just apply to the Russian gas masks, but ANY gas mask you want.  After you watch this
video you'll have NO DOUBT on how to properly fit, wear, test and use ANY gas mask.  You can apply what you learn
to any US, Israel, German, Russian gas mask you can find.  
Warning: If you are one of the idiots on the news don't watch this, you might learn something.   
TRUE STORY:  See that light colored gas mask above? It is a ' one size fits all ' mask that is a stretchy rubber that
fits over your whole head, I even own a few.  I showed this video to a girl friend of mine who came here from Russia
many years ago.  SHE REMEMBERED the film strip.  She had VERY clear memories of it because she
HATED that mask, just hated it.  She said that it would pull at her hair every time she had to take it off. So not only
did the soviets TEACH their children AND adults but they provided them with the gas masks and other materials
that went with the filmstrips. 
 Show this to your Congressman, why did the soviets protect their children and 
why does the USA continue to ignore its children during this time of terrorism and a clear and present danger?
What have we given our children in the USA to protect them from terrorism or war?  Condoms.

While the USA FAILS to provide equipment, information, training, budget and materials to not only our 
first responders and our civilian population and while we fail to provide information on the protection of human life
and the media ridicules duct tape and plastic ( VERY EFFECTIVE), the soviets provided information to their public on not only
protecting their family and loved ones but provided information on the protection and decontamination of their animals. 
This *IS* how *COMPLETE* the soviet information is.

The soviets also included detailed sections on fixing pipes, electrical lines, streets and other city utilities that would 
be destroyed or ' broken' from the effects of a nuclear weapon.  The soviets, LIKE THE SWISS, provided a 
basic education in fire fighting as well.  When there is a crisis there will NOT be a 911 for you to go call, you 
better KNOW HOW to do IT YOURSELF.  Your life an the life of other might depend on it.

Too see a series of 66 high resolution screen shots from a small sample of the Soviet Civil Defense Series, use this link.

Purchase the NWSS 8 DVD SET $149.95   ( that's $7.50 per hour of video Civil Defense Education)



ALSO ON THE DVD in MP3 format.
*180 HOURS* of Audio Speeches
From the Best Scientists/Doctors in the World on

ALL Included on the 8 DVD SET!

These Speeches were recorded at the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) Conference between 1992 and 2003

A Partial Listing of the Speeches on the DVD:

1992 Chester - Defense Against Biological Weapons
1993 Heyndricks - Toxins in the Air- Chemical Biological Warfare
1994 Chester - Exotic Future Threats
1995 Baker - World Terrorism- Preparing for the CBW Threat
1995 Chester - Update on Exotic Chemical and Biological Threats Threats and Expedient Defenses
1995 Wood - Once and Future Threats to Health-Ancient Danger in Modern Guise
1996 Shruck - The Threat of Biological and Chemical Terrorism
1998 Douglass - The Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat
1998 Wood - Once and Future Threats to Human Health: a Clear and Present Danger
1999 Gaffney - Making the World Safe for VX
2002 Wood - From Terrorists to Missiles: Large-Scale Threats to the U.S.A. 

1992 Cohen - The Best Defense is Defense
1992 Everett - From Passive to Active Defense
1992 Looney - Preparing for Man Made Disaster
1992 Robinson - Civil Defense in the 1990s
1992 Sakharov - Intelligence After the Fall of the Soviet Union
1992 Teller - Plans for Global Protection
1992 Teller - Warning and Reporting of Disaster
1992 Williams - Civil Defense of Endangered Species #1
1992 York - Terrorists & the 3rd World Nuclear Threat
1993 Looney - Electro Magnetic Pulse and Hospitals
1993 Wood - Is Missile Defense Possible
1994 Cohen - The Threat of Red Mercury
1995 Kearny - Malaria and Other Hazards-the State of Our Defenses
1995 Sam Cohen - Nuclear Terrorism- A Credible Threat
1995 York - Dawn of the Atomic Age-Thermonuclear Devices and Air-to-Air Bomber Defense
1996 Cohen - The Moral Bankruptcy of US National Defense Policy
1996 Jastrow - Missile Defense- Has Its Time Come
1996 Kearny - Survival vs Denial and Avoidance
1996 Phillips Barnes - Low Technology Techniques for Survival in Adverse Conditions
1997 Jastrow - An Update on Ballistic Missile Defense
1997 Kearny - Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Civil Defense
1998 Jastrow - Ballistic Missile Defense: Prospects and Realities
1998 Kearny - War-Winning and War-Losing Equipment and Ideas
1999 Kearny - Jungle Snafus and Remedies and Upcomming NBC Snafus
1999 Gold - Homeland Defense: Commitment or Fad?

2000 Teller & Wood - Update on Ballistic Missile Defense. 


1992 Packer - Practical Shelter Construction
1993 York - Afther Shelter - What Next
1993 Packer & Seyfried - Why Not Shelters
1995 Packer & Seyfried- A Conversation with Les Aspin
1996 York - Soviet Shelters for Industrial Workers
1996 Packer - Technical Issues in Blast and Radiation Shelter Construction
1999 Sharon Packer & Paul Seyfried - Constructing and Equipping an NBC Shelter

2001 Packer, Seyfried - Civil Defense Worldwide (U.S., Switzerland, Singapore, and Others). 
2002 Packer, Seyfried - Shelters for Americans Not Named Bush or Cheney and Civil Defense Q&A. 

1993 Teller - Safe Nuclear Energy and Tribute to Petr Beckman
1994 Lehr - Need for Skepticism Admist Scientific Illiteracy
1995 Kamen - The Discovery of Carbon-14
1995 Merrifield - The First Laboratory Synthesis of an Enzyme
1995 Teller - Meteorite Impacts and Radiation Controversies
1995 Zubrin - Misson to Mars (Mars Direct)
1997 Teller - Satellite Observation of Political and Natural Events
1997 Zubrin - The Case for Mars
1999 Frederick Seitz, Ph.D. - Politics and Science

1992 Hazeltine - Wetlands- A Haven for Disease Vectors
1993 Ames - Cancer Risk Assessment
1993 Kaplan - Health Effects of Wildfire
1993 Orient - Impending Medical-Economic Disaster
1994 B.Cohen - The Risks of Low Level Radiation
1994 Lucky - Radiation Hormesis
1994 Maccabee - Facts vs Media Fiction in Radiation Experiments
1995 Duesberg - The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Scientific Integrity
1995 Eitzen - The Threat of Emerging Infections
1996 Griffin - Gov School-Based Clinics-Medical & Cultural Disaster
1996 Miller - Anti-Medicine Man-The FDA and Medical Progress
1996 Monteith - The AIDS Epidemic-The Abandonment of Public Health
1996 Sandquist - Low Level Radiation- Is it Good for You
1997 B.Cohen - Indoor Radon, Lung Cancer, and the Linear No-Threshold Hypothesis
1997 Orient - What American Medicine Must Do to Survive
1997 Polycove - Epidemiology, Molecular Biology, and the Demise of the LNT Theory
1999 Faria - Integrity in Science and Medicine: Gun Control and Public Health
1999 B.Cohen - Problems with the Linear No-Threshold Theory of Radiation Carcinogenesis
1999 Orient - New Vaccines, New Epidemics
2000 Luckey - How Health Physics Lost the 20th Century.
2000 Muckerheide - Flawed Radiation Protection Policy: a Call for Change. 
2000 Stinson - Response to Medical Emergencies in Kosovo. 
2001 Cohen - The Health Risks of Radioactive Wastes. Bernard Cohen, Ph.D. 
2001 Pollycove - Biologic and Epidemiologic Foundations of Radiation Hormesis. 
2002 Cuttler - Radiation Hormesis in Medicine. 
2002 Robinson - The Effect of the Government on Medical Progress. 

1992 Wiley - News Media Bias - What Next
1993 Ho-Cheu - Earthquakes
1994 Chapman - Extraterrestrial Impact Events
1994 DDP Meeting Participants - For the Good of the Order
1994 Kearny - Jungle Snafus-Preventing Death in the Jungle
1994 Robinson - The 98% Fact-Free Diet
1994 Scherzer - Holocaust Memorial-Lessons for American Medicine
1994 York - The Trinity Atomic Bomb Test
1995 Orient - Government in the Sunshine- A Weapon Against Over-Regulation
1995 Robinson - Can the Educational Disaster Be Turned Around
1995 Smith - The Risk of Politicized Risk Assessment
1996 Awards Banquet- Kearny - Jastrow - Kamen
1996 Irvine - Update on Vincent Foster Cover-up
1996 Story - Soviet-Chinese Strategic Deception- In Pursuit of World Revolution
1997 Cooper - The Combat Mind-Set
1997 Guzzo - Getting Your Message into the Media
1997 Open Session - Short Presentation by Participants
1997 Penner - U.S. Energy Supplies for the 21st Century
1997 Remarks - Brief remarks by Standford S. Penner PhD, Marain Kamen PhD, and Reed Irvine
1997 Robinson - Science and Free Enterprise in the 21st Century
1997 Sennholz - The Bull Market and the Bubble Phenomenon
1998 Parks - The Banking System: a Disaster in the Making
1998 Olds - Energy Sources: Communicating the Message to the Public
1998 York - When Nothing Happened: Unsuccessful Atomic Tests
1999 Atkinson - The Socialization of the U.S. Military
1999 Fox - Hanford: The Real Story
1999 Miller, Ph.D. - Genetic Engineering and the Effects of Government Regulation
1999 York - Unexpected Spinoffs of Atomic Experiments
2000 Robinson - Education, Research, and the Perils of Government Funding. 
2000 York - Industrial Protection: Experience with the Soviet Program. 
2000 Civil Defense Panel: Ask the Experts. Cresson Kearny, Ed York, Art Robinson, Sharon Packer, and Paul Seyfried
2001 Penner - Energy: The Decline of California.
2001 Steffens - Terrorism. 
2001 Jastrow - Fallout from SDI. 
2001 Graham - The Future of Ballistic Missile Defense. 
2001 Robinson - Scientific Truth versus Politically Perceived Truth. 
2001 York - Lessons from the Nevada Test Site (and Computer Models v. Testing). 
2001 Toman - From Organic Waste to Energy: Destructive Distillation. 
2001 A New Essential of American Civil Defense. Cresson Kearny, Ed York, Art Robinson, and Sharon Packer 
2002 Farah - Making the Case for Homeland Defense. 
2002 Zebroski - Misplaced Risk Assessment-A Terrorist Weapon. 
2002 Cooper - High Frontier: Let's Roll! 

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