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BLACKOUT of 2003

by the Author of the book Sunshine To Dollars

What I teach and show in Sunshine to Dollars 
helped us all through the Blackout of 2003.   I used my solar panels
and had solar heating for killing bacteria in water and for cooking
bread and feeding the neighbors.  
With Surviving the Blackout of 2003 you'll
SEE how VALUABLE Sunshine to Dollars is to the protection of yourself and family
in the time of a Disaster.

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This .PDF file is 25 pages long and full of photos and detailed text.
It is MY TRUE STORY over the Last 2 Days..

It chronicles the problems I faced and how I solved them with the unique understanding and expertise I have in the energy and civil defense field.   I did not want for anything; water, food, light, energy, cooling and I show you how I solved all of the problems with many of the teachings and examples I give in the book Sunshine to Dollars. 
 Both books are a MUST HAVE for the protection of your family.

Go inside an operating Emergency Operation Center ( EOC ). 
 I work for the Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT) and I was at the EOC 20 minutes after the power failed.  
The traffic was horrible but I got there, find out how and why.

Hey..Where is the FOOD!!
See the photos of the grocery store being empty and HOW to NOT let this happen to YOUR family.
I am not only an expert and a professional in the Energy Field, but 
I am a professional in the Civil Defense field.  
I teach HomeLand Security and Family Preparedness.
With the information and resources in this PDF you 
WILL understand what threatens your family and have the resources to protect them.



There was an absolute PANIC for Gasoline. 
People HAD to have it, fights broke out at gas stations.  
Gas lines were 1/2 to 1 mile long. 
 People waited for 4 hours to get gas.  
Some lines of people with ONLY gas cans were 300 people long.

Avoid ALL of the Gas Problems and the stupid things people did to run out of fuel.

Plus you'll see the photos of how I illuminated my house, powered the TV and radios and had everything I needed. I kept cool when others sweated all night.  Find out what happened and how it WILL be much worse and what you can do NOW to come out of the next disaster as good as I came out of this one.
- Remember, I am a professional Development Engineer in the Solar, Hydrogen and Energy field
I give a very scientific, sound and unique approach to solving these problems.

See my Hybrid Electric Generator
 and find out how you can do it for $20.00 ( no Kidding.) All parts from Wal-Mart-Guaranteed!
Have LIGHT when everyone else is DARK!


14 YEARS of LIGHT from ONE Gallon of Gasoline
(I'm NOT kidding, 14 years of light, 24 hours a day, from one gallon of gasoline, 
EVERYTHING is off the shelf and NOT expensive, it's all at Wal-Mart, Serious! Guaranteed!!
NO Assembly Required.
I used this ALL during the disaster, I had all the light I wanted.

See our 0.15 Watt lights that cost  $1.66 Each at a STORE NEAR You (not Walmart)
(this is POINT .15 watts, not fifteen watts of power.)


Sunshine to Dollars &
Surviving the Blackout of 2003
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