Downloading the FREE H2 Video.
WARNING --Read everything on this page please-- WARNING
--Read everything on this page please-- WARNING
--Read everything on this page please-- WARNING
( Please !) 

This Video is 86 Megabytes LONG.  
Dial up modem people beware that it might take all night to download, but it is worth it.

Also Note: the Download Video is in much lower resolution than the quality on the DVD.
The DVD with the video that you BUY from us has very high quality video.
We can't put DVD resolution video up for download, it'd be way too big.

WARNING #1:  Due to the new spam / email laws, 
You will first get an email confirming that you want to get an email from us.
Click on the link in the email to confirm the 'subscription' to
and then you'll get the email with the download link

OTHER users.  Since our email has links and addresses and says stuff like " Free Class" if you don't
put KNOWLEDGEPUBLICATIONS.COM in your approved list then your spam filter might kill
the emails going to you with the signup and download links.
We are NOT doing any email verifies, typing in codes or anything else.
If you don't get the email from us, its not our fault.

Because people would publish our download link due to the overwhelming response this caused for the FREE VIDEO it slowed down our server.  Therefore we are now using an automated mirroring system that allows only a certain number of people worldwide to download it at anyone time.  

NO We are NOT selling your email, your name or anything else. 
We WILL NOT SPAM YOU or anything else you might fear.
To get a link to FREE VIDEO on a server (that won't be slow) send ANY email message to
No HUMAN will get this,

our automated server will wait for an open spot and then send you a direct link to download the FREE VIDEO.
Many times this takes LESS THAN 1 MINUTE.   So be patient and you'll get the free video.
If you did not get it, then your spam filter killed it, check your spam box, call your ISP, but don't write us.

DO NOT, repeat DO NOT Email
anyone other than the email above requesting the free video.
There is a wonderful class of idiots out there who think they'll get it faster by sending an email to 
every single email we have on our site.  For those who are really mentally challenged, you download
the free video, we are NOT mailing out a DVD to you. You BUY the DVD and it has 7 Hours of video on it.


Thank you,
Steven Harris