The NEW Hydrogen DVD With Roy McAlister and Steven Harris IS OUT !!
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Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen
 DVD - 4 Hours Long!
Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen
The DVD explains the text of the book in much greater detail, not just the simple chemistry but what can be DONE with the chemistry regarding hydrogen production for car fuel and home fuel and running it in engines and fuel cells.  Roy and Steve go into lots of details.    The PHOTOS you see above are NOT in the DVD.   The video from which the above photos came from are going to be in the NEXT DVD for this book.  It will be the Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen EXPERIMENTS DVD.    Steve and Roy are working on it.. so keep an eye out for it. In the mean time.. you have 4 hours of DVD video and a book you need to start into.... before you get to play with the FUN chemistry and make big flames and fill balloons up with Hydrogen.. yes.. we have BIG balloons on the way as well.  
DVD $19.95   BOOK $19.95 

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Finally !!!   The YELLOW BOOK and the BLUE BOOK
From the Hydrogen DVD is OUT

Finally !!!   The YELLOW BOOK and the BLUE BOOK
from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry
DVD.   Our very 1st DVD.  Finally we have
on doing ENGINE CONVERSION and this
is what became Roys Book Solar Hydrogen
Civilization !  The other part of it is going to
be Roys NEW book, Renewable Energy
Engines - Due out soon as well.   This is the
manuscript that start it all.  It also has the class
room fuel cell addendum with it as well.

This is the original DVD that started it all.. it goes back
to 1996.   The simple experiment of taping a live class
to see if there was any interest.. well.. there was.
Not the highest quality production you ever saw...
but all of our new ones are REALLY GOOD
and we keep on getting better all the time.

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WANT TO Save $100 a month on Gasoline ? That's Easy.
Its HARD to improve your fuel economy of your vehicle to save $100 but its is EASY EASY EASY
to reduce your Summer A/C Bill by $100.  then you have the extra $100 for gas.
ESPECIALLY you guys in the South!!  You can have $400 to $600 A/C bills.

Once you see the pictures and diagram in this book
you'll understand where your money for your AC
is going and understand how much of what people
tell you about reducing your AC bill is WRONG.

Actually, we offer 100% on ALL
of our books and DVDs.  Its just paper and plastic.

ITS SUMMER TIME...want to be cool ??   This
classic text has about EVERY single way of making
COLD in the old days.  Compression cycle,
evaporation cycle, vacuum of water, coolants and
YES.. very detailed on Ammonia Absorption
cooling.  It even has details on COMPRESSED
AIR COOLING ( making cold from compressed
air, which was the FIRST A/C made ).  Also
contains details on making ice from water and
sulfuric acid ( no the acid does not touch the water)
The book is THICK and its detailed.  The book is over
600+ Pages !!!

Book $17.95   Book $34.95 

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This is one of the FIRST books we started to reprint.  It is a treasure.. and it compliments the NEW Solar Heat book from 1903 by Charles Pope PERFECT. If you LOVE History, get both of these....
This book is CRITICAL to the success of your energy business. Behemoth: The Story of Power is from the time of Hero. This book is THE book on the history of energy and power. It includes who did it and why; what problems they faced and how they were solved. The business model of James Watt in this book is better than the business model of most modern fuel cell companies. This is a story of the evolution and growth of energy that hardly anyone really understands. Every alternative energy project, EVERY ONE of them has FAILED; died in flames, because those doing it did NOT understand the true evolution of energy which is so finely illustrated in this book. If you want to be in the energy field, you’d better know Hero, Papin, Newcomen, Savory, Watt, Otto and Diesel.

So you think solar energy is a NEW thing???

LONG LONG time ago... in a place far far away
there were people who were actually educated
and did not have a TV to watch, so they learned
things and taught themselves.  This book was
written in 1903 and is the EARLIEST Solar Book
we have found to date.  It shows the Sun Press
in Paris ( france!) running on a steam driven press
being powered by concentrated sunlight and more.
Due to the educational value of this book, it will be
at a significant discounted price.

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9" Solar Mirror
FREE w/ Combo

3000 Solar Lens
 FREE w/ Combo

3000 Solar Lens
 FREE w/ Combo

3000 Solar Lens
 FREE w/ Combo

SOLAR COMBO - Get All 5 Books!
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Lenses FREE with the Combo !!

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So You Want to Make Power ??

Oh what a treasure of a little book.. so you think
fuel cells are great little power machines??  well..
these little internal combustion engines that can
fit in the palm of your hand CAN run off hydrogen
and other flammable gases and produce all the power
you want... and you can actually make them yourself
and fix them.. etc... This is a how to book. hands on,.

It is more than a little strange that amateur engi­neers often neglect the windmill. Wind-power is free, and while it is admittedly erratic it must surely ap­peal to the mechanical mind as a labor saver and valuable renewable energy resource. Windmills and Wind Motors presents a series of practical, original de­signs that can be used for model-making, experi­mentation, or even for the more practical purpose of power production. The book is a must have for wind-energy enthusiasts of all ages and knowledge levels. If you want to guide your child to an A+ in this year’s science fair, get this book! If you believe in the potential of wind power and want to experiment with it in your own back yard, get this book! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you want to build your own power producing wind-energy-plant in order to curtail those skyrocketing energy costs, get this book! This excellent little book provides you with all the information you need to complete exciting and educational home-wind-energy projects!    Steam and Stirling—Engines You Can Build, provides the specific “how-to” details that amateur machinists and tinkers need to complete great live steam power projects. With hundreds of sketches and photos, blow-by-blow instructions and explicit design information you will be able to easily build and use, completely functional Half-Horse Marine Engines, Steam Turbines, Opposed Piston Steam Engines, V-4 Oscillating Cylinder Engines, and many more fascinating contraptions. This book opens up to the thrill of building something that actually works, it’s yours by just following the directions! If you are a complete novice in this field, pick one of the simpler projects for your first attempt and gradually work your way through the others as your skill, abilities and confidence increase. One thing is absolutely certain, you are sure to find countless pleasurable hours in your workshop with the projects in this book.

BOTH books are LOADED with full color photos and illustrations.  That is why the books are at this price level.  The books are of exceptional quality.

Steam and Stirling Engines You Can Build, Book 2, is much bigger than its predecessor. It is packed with far more projects, designs and techniques, yet it offers that same superior level of description providing hundreds more photos and sketches along with the extremely detailed instructions and guidance that the first book is famous for. The projects are written by 22 different authors with some designs based on prototypes while others are originals. The level of difficulty ranges from the very simple projects like the Simple Steam Engine and the Stirling Hot Air Engine can be completed with little more than a drill press and hand tools, to very sophisticated designs like the Duplex Pump. Also included in this sequel are some interesting articles on heating like Andy Sprague’s exact instructions, with photos and a sketch that will show you how to easily build a Simple Alcohol Burner and another excellent article which discusses how to use propane gas to fire your engine including updates from author Chris Leggo, based upon new findings. This book truly spares no detail you’ll even find a wide range of fine techniques for everything from creating more satisfac­tory lubrication to making a wood flywheel and roll forming copper boiler heads.
$24.95   $14.95   $41.95    $41.95  

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What's New and Coming Soon at ???     
Well... two NEW things coming.  
1.  A great lineup of HANDS ON Wind Power books from the master of the subject himself !!! 
2.  A pair of books on making your own Electric Vehicle.   How to find and convert a car to ELECTRIC power... it's easier today than it was a long time ago.

..and then
3.  I HOPE to soon have the ability to redistribute a great series of Stirling Engine Books written by Jim Senft.    HOPEFULLY soon KnowledgePublications
will be able to provide you with these quality books at a great price.
4.  Roy McAlisters NEW book, which is revealing secrets and giving away inventions that we don't have time to patent..  The Book is called Renewable Energy Engines.

5  We are expanding our website to have the Worlds Greatest Biomass to Energy Section, Period.  Bar None.. we will have the best books and DVDs
     on biomass.   Stuff you can put your hands on.   If there is one thing almost as easy as catching the free sunshine, its picking up or harvesting the free
     fuel from biomass.
6.   We are SO committed to Biomass... that we are just now starting to enable you by providing you with the SEEDS you need to start experimenting
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Below you'll find Switch Grass and Silage (MILO).  Both are GREAT BioMass Crops
and we have MANY MORE seeds for you ON THE WAY...many more.

These are SWITCH GRASS Seeds.  Just like you hear
Bush mentioning during speeches... well.. its not magical
and hiding.. we have it AVAILABLE !!
These are Silage Seeds... they plant easy, grow fast
and get BIG. They look like corn, but are not corn.
My Silage seeds sprouted in 4 days and this is 7 days
of growth... they are hearty and come up FAST

This is a full grown crop of switch grass

This is a full grown crop of Silage

Switch Grass - 400 square feet - 40 feet by 10 feet.
Milo  -  400 square feet - 40 feet by 10 feet.

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Do me a favor please...  it took me over 3 man days ( 24 hours of work ) just to write this one little ad.... If you read ALL the way down here.. then you must like it.
Please help us spread the knowledge and science on Energy and Hydrogen and Solar and send this email or this link to your friends... and encourage them to
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