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Finally !!!   The YELLOW book and the BLUE
from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell ElectroChemistry
DVD.   Our very 1st DVD.  Finally we have
on doing ENGINE CONVERSION and this
is what became Roys Book Solar Hydrogen
Civlization !  The other part of it is going to
be Roys NEW book, Renewable Energy
Engines - Due out soon as well.   This is the
manuscript that start it all.  It also has the class
room fuel cell addendum with it as well.
ITS SUMMER TIME...want to be cool ??   This
classic text has about EVERY single way of making
COLD in the old days.  Compression cycle,
evaporation cycle, vacuum of water, coolants and
YES.. very detailed on Ammonia Absorption
cooling.  It even has details on COMPRESSED
AIR COOLING ( making cold from compressed
air, which was the FIRST A/C made ).  Also
contains details on making ice from water and
sulfuric acid ( no the acid does not touch the water)
The book is THICK and its detailed.
So you think solar energy is a NEW thing???
LONG LONG time ago... in a place far far away
there were people who were actually educated
and did not have a TV to watch, so they learned
things and taught themselves.  This book was
written in 1903 and is the EARLIEST Solar Book
we have found to date.  It shows the Sun Press
in Paris ( france!) running on a steam driven press
being powered by concentrated sunlight and more.
Due to the educational value of this book, it will be
at a significant discounted price.
This book will be ONLINE for download for
members for FREE.. no charge.. nope...nada.
zip.. zero.  Download and read it all you want.
..print it out.. what ever.  But if you'd love to have
an incredible high quality copy of the book
that is perfect bound with a full color cover,
then this will be available at an inexpensive cost.
Oh what a treasure of a little book.. so you think
fuel cells are great little power machines??  well..
these little internal combustion engines that can
fit in the palm of your hand CAN run off hydrogen
and other flammable gases and produce all the power
you want... and you can actually make them yourself
and fix them.. etc... This is a how to book. hands on,.
This book is ALREADY in print at and you can but it
right now for only $19.95.. but the DVD will be
released anytime soon and you'll get a first hand
explanation on all of the classic ( and forgotten)
methods of making LARGE amounts of hydrogen.
the book was written on how to make hydrogen
to fill up blimps.. zeppelins.. and those were longer
than our longest aircraft carriers are today !!..AND
they even launched airplanes from them too !
We have stuff on Methanol that is going to SHAKE
your little world...we think that it will be SO GOOD
that you'll hear about it on CNN.  This book is
about making a SYNTHETIC Gasoline from
Methanol.. and methanol can be made from
waste biomass, corn stalks, your poo, cow poo,
any poo and much more.  This is NOT a how too
book..this is an industrial reference chemistry book.
Its going to be expensive and unless you are a
chemist in the hydrocarbon field.. you'll need a
secret decoder ring to use it... or 4 to 8 years
of college.
This book *IS* a good book on Methanol.   It has
every method of the production of methanol on
an industrial scale.  It is for a chemist or a business
( and possibly a person) who is dedicated on
getting into the Methanol business.  It is NOT a
hands on how too book... its a chemical trade
publication / reference book.  So if you are a
back yard guy.. DO NOT buy it.
This book... *IS* for the back yard guy or the new
chemistry student or for someone who really
wants to understand how methanol is made and
where it comes from and how it was done in the past
and how its done today.   This is not a 'how too'
book but it IS a very detailed book.  It is one of
the EXCELLENT books done by the former
Solar Energy Research Institute and AGAIN
its our WONDERFUL FRIEND Thomas Reed
who co-authored, edited and updated the book.
Thomas Reed is also the man behind the Volume 4
of the Hydrogen Gas Generator Book for Vehicles
and Engines Vol 3/4 that is one of our most selling
books.  If you love energy, you'll want EVERY book
that Thomas Reed has worked on !