7 NEW Hydrogen Books Coming Feb 17th, 2006
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Hydrogen Manufacture by Electrolysis,
Thermal Decomposition and other
Unusual Techniques.
  This is THE
BOOK when it comes to every SINGLE
way of making Hydrogen.  With emphasis
on ALL of the modern methods.
This will be a more expensive book.
The quality of the information and the
book itself is world class.

Hydrogen Production from

This is THE BOOK on every single way of
making hydrogen that is OLD. 75% of
the ways a refinery makes hydrogen IS FROM
these methods.  This is close to the scale
of things that you can build yourself.

BIOGAS 1 & 2
Two books in one and just enough to
tell you EVERYTHING you need to do
to make METHANE (CH4) also
known as 'natural gas' from the
decomposition of organic materials with
emphasis on animal waste. SO SIMPLE,
Very easy, little or no cost, nature does it
all for you and it is very hands on.

Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles
and Engine Volume 1 & 2
This book is LOADED with
photos of Hydrogen Gas Generators on
vehicles in many different configurations.
Ranges from small vehicles to large trucks
running on Hydrogen Generated Gas, plus
Volume 2 is a very good HOW TO that
compliments volume 1.  Volume 1&2
compliments the next book more than it
stands on its own.

Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles
and Engine Volume 3 & 4
with what you have hydrogen generation book
out there now.  If you want to make Hydrogen
and run an engine on hydrogen, or your vehicle,
or bus or tractor OR your generator for
electricity from Hydrogen made from organic
materials, wood, coal, coke, charcoal, wood
chips, saw dust etc..  you can only afford to buy
ONE of the many hydrogen books we have
The Solar Cookery Book
If you have not seen the book on our web
site called Fuel Cells: Power For Tomorrow
by Dan Halacy, then you need to.  This book
was written by his wife and it contains an
EXCELLENT solar oven design that they
sold for many years.   The design is BETTER
than one of the $500 solar ovens you'd buy
on the net. Want to make one, get this book.
Her Solar oven is even better than the ones
I have in Sunshine to Dollars. The book
is FULL of recopies and cooking methods too.
SO MANY Steve !!  WHICH ONE DO I WANT ???!!!
If you wanted to buy the books one at a time in the future.....and you wanted more HANDS ON do it NOW...and then books to MAKE IT BIGGER AND BETTER then the order of the books I'd buy is:   Hydrogen Generator Gas for Vehicles and Engines Volumes 3 & 4,  THEN Volume 1 & 2, THEN Hydrogen Production from Organic Materials, THEN Industrial Hydrogen & Industrial Gases and THEN Hydrogen Manufacture by Electrolysis, Thermal Decomposition and Other Unusual Methods.   If you are a modern research company and have professional interest I'd buy them all.. no.. wait.. You want Hydrogen Manufacture by Electrolysis, Thermal Decomposition and Other Unusual Methods FIRST.  Then Industrial Hydrogen THEN all the rest.
********** Wait.. You can count? Or I can't count?
I said there were 7 new Hydrogen books. True.. There are.  3 more are coming out the following week.  1 is on fuel cells that are
so large they'd be of use to a public utility.  I think the book should be called "Three Mile Fuel Cell".  Plus we have another book
on the varieties of hydrogen energy, its storage, distribution and usage.

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