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Hydrogen FUEL CELL & Hydrogen ENGINE Class with Roy McAlister in March.
Late March, on a weekend, we are going to have a 2 day class in Phoenix Arizona You will make a methanol fuel cell. Just add methanol and it makes power. Everything will be supplied for you. The catalyst, the plates, the material, the holder etc... and... you CAN elect to take the fuel cell home with you... AND.. we'll have more material available for you if you want to make a 12volt string of fuel cells at home. That is Saturday.

Also... Sunday is all about Making Hydrogen and Hydrogen Engines. You WILL convert a New Honda Engine ( a small one) to run on Hydrogen and you will be able to purchase it and take it HOME with you. Yes...learn to convert the engine in the class, convert the engine in the class and then take it home with you. Note: Again for the hydrogen challenged..this engine RUNS ON HYDROGEN. It does not make hydrogen, it does not run on water.

Steven Harris of will be there working with Roy on the class and KnowledgePublications is sponsoring the event.

The event will be held at one of the local resort hotels.... we are getting rates and such now..but its prime time winter / spring season there right now. The hotel we have in mind is a 5 star resort that I spent months every year in when I was with Chrysler and testing cars in the desert. So bring the wife and kids because there is a water park for them and plenty to do and it is very, very relaxing and comfortable.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in attending, please go fill out the form below.
There are ONLY 40 slots available. Only 40 students. The class and 2 days of hotel accommodation will cost $1500 (that's $250 / night included, its a NICE hotel). This fee includes your hotel and your books and the price of the seminar. The price of the fuel cell and or the engine is extra. You can see the prices and let us know if you are interested in the form. This class is about ENABLING YOU individually to work with hydrogen in a fuel cell and engine environment. It is very hands on and very practical. I know it is not cheap and I'm sorry, but the items are expensive and so is our time. For those who come to these early seminars, your patronage allows the classes to accelerate and to become cheaper for others. So thank you. For the price, the location is quality, the class is quality and items in the class will be quality. The engine to be converted is a Honda. DOOR PRIZES !. One person will WIN a converted electrical generator that runs on Hydrogen ( the video on our site at ) ($2400 Generator) and one person will win the entire library of published books by KnowledgePublications ( a $1000 value ). If you win the Generator, you pay shipping.

Hydrogen Generator Video is ONLINE.
If you did not know...the video of the electrical generator running on Hydrogen is at the starting page of come see it. So far we are the only place in the world where you can get out your credit card and BUY a generator that runs on hydrogen. The 2KW generator costs $2400. A 2KW fuel cell costs $60,000. You do the math. They are selling well, so place your deposit down and get in line.. you can have one in about 3 weeks if you purchase today.

New Hydrogen Books Coming Soon. & Other New Books
We have a new book coming out on Solar Cooking by Beth Halacy, the wife of Dan Halacy who wrote our book, "Fuel Cells: Power for Tomorrow". Also, we have ANOTHER NEW book on hydrogen production coming out next week and it is all about making hydrogen from organic material. This book rocks. See our announcements page at and you'll see some of the flames and heat that we made from the technology that is in this book. Yes, the book will be affordable. We have another book on Hydrogen Electrolysis ( in huge detail) coming in the next month and we have a book on Hydrogen Fuel Cells for public utility scale power coming out as well. Keep an eye out for them.

Thank you
Steven Harris









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