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Solar Hydrogen Civilization
by Roy McAlister
ISBN:246 pages   6x9 inches [size]

A great book by a great man! A Hydrogen World expert and pioneer, Roy McAlister will be known in the history of energy more prominently than Edison. He is an expert who writes, not a writer who thinks he's an expert. The book covers the past, current and future usages of hydrogen. From how it was used in the Civil War to how we will all live in a Solar Hydrogen Civilization and what it will look like. How will we make the hydrogen, how will we store and transport the hydrogen across the world. The book covers many methods of making hydrogen and the companion DVD explains those in even more detail.


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The Solar Hydrogen Civilization
Solar Hydrogen Civilization is a great book because a great man wrote it.
I have known and worked with Roy McAlister for over 10 years.  He has been my true friend and mentor and I can tell you for a fact that he is a living legend.  Roy will be known in the history of energy more prominently than Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, Rockefeller, Carnegie and the rest combined.   Roy is an expert in Inorganic, Organic, Electro, Thermal and Bio Chemistry, Newtonian and Quantum Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Material Science and Advanced Composites.  He is an expert who writes, not a writer who thinks he's an expert.

Roy has the wonderful goal to make a 1000 new millionaires a week.  That is the amount of money you can make in the hydrogen field by displacing oil imports.    This book is the beginning to understanding some of the secrets of the energy field and its future that is happening today as you read this.  
The Million Dollar Drawing ( Left )
Roy has a wonderful saying, " Prosperity Without Pollution."  So few words say so much which are not understood by so many.  Too many in the hydrogen field just focus on the last word.  Pollution. They totally ignore the real power word in the sentence, which is Prosperity.  Roy teaches that Hydrogen creates a wealth expansion economy.  Value is created rather than just a service being performed.  When a gallon of oil is taken and the hydrogen is removed and the carbon is used to construct buildings, wires, aircraft and really almost anything else then both transportation and physical goods are created.  Just burning oil creates transportation, a service, not a wealth creating product.  Think of the idea of taking aluminum and steel from a gallon of oil before you turn it into gasoline, how much would that be worth.?  Carbon replaces iron and steel and makes the same things these metals can.
When you see the word CARBON, in any form, CO2, CO etc.. I do not want you to think pollution or environment, I want you to thin MONEY.  Anytime you can keep your carbon, you make money.  If you could trap the CO2 from your tailpipe or your furnace, you can SELL IT.  There is a world market for CO2, CO and C and this is nothing compared to what it WILL BE in the future.  Every pound of CO2, CO or C you trap you can sell.  Remember in the 1970's plastics were the future.  Today, we can say CARBON is the future. REALLY understanding the diagram to the left, and putting yourself on one of the arrows with the Carbon word on it, can make you a very wealthy person.  To REALLY understand this, you will have to get the book.
Hydrogen is a DANGEROUS Journey with Mines in the Road.
Ok. You are excited about Hydrogen, about the future about the science and the economics of it.  You want to learn more and travel the road, but it is hard, long and dangerous and it has mines in the road.  Why is it dangerous?  NOT  because of the Hydrogen.  It is dangerous because of the lies, myths and ignorance surrounding the hydrogen field.  These are like mines in the road.  You see a spot in the road and you don't know if its a mine or just a lump of dirt.  Roy's book tells you where the mines are in the road so you can travel safely.  There are more myths than there are truths about hydrogen.  The science is clear, the science is 200+ years old.  The lies get reinvented every year.  Water cars, why the Hindenburg burned, hydrogen safety and much more. Roy clearly and easily tells you the myth and why it is a myth. He tells you the real science.  So when someone tries to get your money for magnets or a water car or for something like this, you know not to waste your time and to tell them to take a hike.
Energy Parks & the Road to the Hydrogen Future.
The book outlines fundamental strategies and methods that are achievable for business.  The book outlines with maps and details the location and types of energy parks.  The usage of current natural gas pipe lines, the harvesting of methane hydrates and then the harvesting of the carbon from the methane and the piping of the hydrogen.  The use of the carbon to make ANYTHING that is around you now.  The recapture of methane from biological and agriculture by products.  This gives today's farmers a new crop to grow, energy.  The book discusses and illustrates the storage of hydrogen in underground oil and gas wells that are currently empty.  Solar hydrogen can restock the energy that was in the ground.  The real role of wind and wave energy, is it viable or a red herring?  its in the book.   The future configuration of homes with hydrogen based energy, how is the energy obtained, used and reused.   You will quickly begin to realize that we you now think of as waste, is really a resource.   The history of the worlds largest business,. especially the chemical industry,  have started from the re-use of someone else's waste product.  There is waste around you today that are dollar signs for all of us tomorrow.  The page to the left is a classic example of the fine graphics and illustration that enrich Roy's book.  There is hardly an open set of pages without an illustration, photograph or table. The book is rich in content.
A Hydrogen BBQ?
Yes, a hydrogen BBQ.  As we all get caught up in fuel cells and vehicles and home power and 1000 square mile solar fields and politics it is so easy to loose track of the simple demonstrations and usages of hydrogen.   In the middle of every class Roy gives he provides lunch and lunch is cooked on a Hydrogen BBQ.  Some of the finest chefs in the world have learned that cooking on hydrogen does not impart any bad flavors into what is being cooked and since the by product of hydrogen combustion is water vapor the food is even more moist and flavorful.  The books shows the simple basics of how to convert a BBQ to hydrogen which emphasizes how easy home appliances can run on hydrogen. 

Most of you are not going to understand this.  You might have to read this paragraph twice, or more.  If you really understand this you will understand more about hydrogen and the future than 99.9% of the wannabe hydrogen advocates out there.  This theme is throughout the book and most people don't see it and say they can't see the trees because the forest is in the way.  I am very serious here, read carefully.  A few examples first; When I was in the Scientific Labs of Chrysler I went to our foundry for a project.  ( Foundries melt and pour steel or other metals, in this case for engines.)  They had a saying, " We are the only place in the company that "MAKES" anything.  Everyone else just assembles the car."  This is a very true statement.  When someone asks me what type of small business they should start I say, " Candle Making.".  Understand this example, making something from a mold is the ROOT of wealth creation.  You make something MORE valuable than the ingredients that went into it. 
Real estate agents, car dealerships, lawyers, sales people and prostitutes are all the same, they only provide a service. Dollars are exchanged for a service, a wealth or additional value is not created.  If I take 10 cents in wax and a 1 penny wick and make it in the shape of a teddy bear and sell it for $10 I've created wealth.  Now the point:  Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Natural Gas are all called HYDROCARBONS. <-- See the word CARBON in there.  What did I say earlier about Carbon?  This means the liquid or the gas is ONLY made out of Hydrogen ( H ) and Carbon (C) atoms.  Nothing else.  The most common form of elemental carbon you see everyday is either charcoal briquettes or the graphite in a pencil lead. Don't let this fool you.  The hydrogen can be removed from the HydroCarbon and used for vehicle transportation and the Carbon can be turned into CARBON FIBER.  Carbon fiber is stronger than steel.  You can make physical things with it like cars, buildings, beams, plates, rope, houses, fabric, shirts, bullet proof vests.  It can also be thermally conductive or thermally insulating so it can be the insulation in your house and it can be the frying pan on your stove.  It can be electrically conductive or it can be an electrical insulation. So it can replace copper wire AND in another formulation it can be the insulation around the copper wire.  Carbon can and will build the world.  So when you take the Hydrogen out of the oil and use it for fuel ( that is a service ) you also take the carbon out of the oil and you make things ( you create wealth ).  That is what Roy means by Hydrogen being the key to a Wealth Expanding Economy.  You can either read his book or you can understand it.  The choice is yours, but you won't find this in anyone else's book.  Read this paragraph twice.




Solar Hydrogen Civilization
by Roy McAlister
ISBN:246 pages   6x9 inches [size]